Sunday, June 16

Tell Us: Has Elon Musk’s Behavior Affected How You View Tesla?

Endorsing an antisemitic post on X. Withholding Starlink satellite internet service from Ukraine to prevent a drone attack on Russian forces. Reposting conspiracy theorists who claim that the Biden administration’s immigration policies are part of a plot to increase the number of people who vote Democrat.

Elon Musk’s behavior and public statements have clearly offended many people, especially left-leaning consumers who are the most likely to buy an electric vehicle.

As a business reporter who covers Tesla, the company that Mr. Musk is chief executive of, I’m exploring to what extent his public persona is damaging the company’s brand and hurting sales. Or, as Mr. Musk has insisted, do people choose the best car regardless of what the chief executive says and does?

If you own a Tesla, are thinking of buying one or have thought about buying one but ultimately chose another brand, I’d like to hear from you.

I’ll read through each submission and reach back out to some respondents to learn more. I won’t share your contact information outside The Times newsroom or use it for any other reason than to follow up with you. And I won’t publish any part of your submission without reaching out to you and hearing back from you first.